Attending a photo workshop will always boost a photographer’s vision, skill and expression. I say that as both one who is attending workshops on a regular basis, as well as one who has taught plenty of workshops all over the world. The intensity of being in an environment where the focus is entirely on photography and on each and every participant’s personal development, is indescribable. Being able to spend days fully concentrated on nothing but capturing and discussing photographs is invaluable for any photographer’s development.

Whether attending a weeklong or just a one-day workshop, the benefits are profuse. I see that in every workshop I teach. Every single participant typically makes giant steps in his or her personal development. As a workshop teacher it’s always great fun to see maybe an initial frustration due to being challenged, turn into major shifts and profound changes in the way a participant perceives the world through the camera and leverages his or her photographic approach.

I love teaching workshops. First of all I believe I learn just as much as any participant. More importantly, though; it gives me great satisfaction to be able to share my knowledge and not the least pour off my experience in giving invaluable feedback. Picture critique is the backbone of any of my workshops—and something all participants I have had attending my workshops say they appreciate the most. In all modesty I know—from feedback from the participants and my own gut feeling—I am able to speak to each photographer’s level and push her or him in constructive ways into capturing photos with heart and soul.

This is what a few previous participants have said about my workshops:
“I’ve learned a lot, it encouraged me to try out something new, and the organization was perfect.” – Martin Frey
“Thank you so much for a top workshop and follow-up.” – Jill Johannessen
“The workshop was all about constructive critique that inspired me to stretch myself to levels I had never perceived before. I believe I am a better photographer today than I was 10 days ago.” – Are Actander Vik

Upcoming Workshops

“Street photography in Bath” September 21st to September 4th 2018

For the first time, I am pleased to be able to invite to a brand new workshop in Bath, this lovely city, situated in the midst of the rolling hills of Somerset, England. This workshop will be a unique opportunity to visit and explore one of the world’s wonders with your camera. Bath is a UN World Heritage Site. Together, we will stroll the city of Bath and take pictures. However, you will also get many opportunities to explore the city on your own if you so wish. At the end of the workshop you will have brought together a visual, strong portfolio of between 5 to 15 engaging photographs. Every day you will be out on the streets and photograph, you will edit and process the photos and then attend the daily photo critique.
Check out the Bath workshop

“In the Footsteps of a Revolution” in Cuba, November 24th to December 7th 2018

Come along for an extraordinary photo tour and workshop to Cuba. It’s going to be an adventure that you will never forget, not like anything else you have ever experienced. You will get to know areas of Cuba that most visitors never see and you will immerse yourself profoundly in the Cuban culture. In this photo tour, we will follow in the footsteps of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara—and the revolution they created in Cuba. We will visit the cities where major battles were won and we will enter deep into the mountains where they started their revolution. This workshop will take you from Havanna, to the Bay of Pigs, to the mountain range of Sierra Maestra where the revolution started and then all the way to the east to Santiago de Cuba. Other landmarks will also be visited such as Fidel Castro’s birthplace.
Check out the Cuban revolution workshop

“Street photography in Cuba” May 4th to May 11th 2019

This is one of the classic workshops I teach with my colleague and friend, Sven Creutzmann. We spend a couple of days in Havana before heading to the lovely city of Trinidad. The workshop is a great opportunity to discover this beautiful Caribbean island, its friendly people, the sensual rhythms of everyday life as well as the former colonial and African culture that still so much influence all life in Cuba. At the end of the 8-day workshop, each participant will have compiled a strong portfolio of personal work with captivating content and visually beautiful imagery. Check out the Cuban workshop