About Otto von Münchow

If you are like me, you love photography. And you love learning more and expanding your photographic vision.

Hi, I’m Otto and I want to share with you the magic of photography, whether through my images or through my teaching of photography.

Because I not only love photography, I am also passionate about teaching photography. My photography emerges from the heart, as does my teaching. I believe in the human connection in both. That’s the foundation for all I do. Come along a let me inspire you to discover the beauty in the world and in yourself, whether through my photos or my teaching.

I strongly believe that photography is about communication, telling stories visually and touching other people. Technique in and of itself has no value; it’s only a mean to express the inner voice and what matters to the photographer.



My work is rooted in the documentary and photojournalistic tradition. Still, I seek to expand my vision, both visually and technically—the latter only for the sake of stronger communication. For me it’s important to be able to express my personal vision, whether it’s documentary work on assignment or my personal projects.

I work out of my base in Bergen, Norway as well as Seattle, USA. But in reality the whole world is my playing ground. In particular, I find myself travelling to Cuba, again and again since 1991. It’s a delightful and very special country to visit and photograph—as much as it is burdened under its political challenges.

My photos have been published in all major Norwegian papers and magazines, as well as internationally in magazines like Stern, Spiegel, Air France Inflight Magazine and Facts. I attended the documentary and photojournalistic program at the International Center of Photography in New York in 1989. During the program, I was an intern for the late and renowned documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark.

As mentioned above, I find great pleasure in teaching photography and particularly workshops dealing with creativity and expansion of one’s visual approach. As a workshop teacher, I see each participant at his or her individual level. I have taught workshops in Cuba, Malawi, Bolivia, Spain, England, The Czech Republic as well as many places in Norway.

Otto pushed me to dare and to step out of the box. It is definitely recommended for anyone who wants to stretch photographically.

Participant on a photo workshop in Villajoyosa, Spain

As part of my love for teaching, I write regularly for the Norwegian photo magazine FotoMag. The writing is about creativity and how to develop as a photographer. I have also written a couple of eBooks about photography (you’ll find more about them here).


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