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Learning more about photography and capturing photos will expand your photographic vision. Practice is what makes you a better photographer, but getting new ideas, getting inspiration and learning will always be part of the process of becoming better and more skillful. Here are books on photography that will help take you to the next level. Easy to order and download.

Photographically Seeing – Seeing Better, Seeing Deeper

This eBook will take you on a journey into how our eyes and brain work and teach you how you can develop and train your perceptive skills. The book is indispensable for any photographer wanting to develop his or her perception and photography. It will teach you to see what is rather than what you believe is there. For all levels. MORE INFO

10 Great Tips to get the most out of your camera – FREE

This eBook will teach you some tools to be able take better photographs. Learn to understand what it is that makes a photo tick and captivate your viewers. If you are struggling with getting your photos look good or too often find that your photos don’t quite capture what you had in mind then 10 Great Tips is a book for you. For beginners. MORE INFO