Photographically Seeing

“Photographically Seeing—Seeing Better, Seeing Deeper” is an eBook about seeing and indispensable for any photographer wanting to develop his or her perception and photography.

For a photographer, seeing is where it all really starts. If you don’t see anything that interests you, you won’t be able to take any interesting photos. Obviously. However, there is a big difference between seeing in general and seeing with the intention of taking photographs.

For only 20 dollars—or 18 euros—or 200 Norwegian kroners”Photographically Seeing—Seeing Better, Seeing Deeper”will take your seeing—and thus your photography—to the next level.


“It’s a user-friendly size, well laid out, and I found myself becoming more engrossed in it than I wanted to at this particular time. Photography books with the message “there’s more than (initially) meets the eye” are what I want these days and this is what you have here. There are many ways of getting this message across, and I like your practical approach with the exercises.”

– Nancy de Flon

Photographically Seeing – learn how to see better and deeper and and improve your photos

Have you ever pondered about the question; why do some photographers see compelling subjects where others see nothing at all? And, maybe even more importantly, is this ability something we can develop and train?

This is the purpose of this eBook. “Photographically Seeing—Seeing Better, Seeing Deeper” will take you on a journey into how our eyes and brain work and teach you how you can develop and train your perceptive skills. Seeing with the intention of taking photos requires a different approach than just seeing, as you normally do. Usually we don’t really see the world as it truly is. Instead, we switch our mind to automatic mode, let our subconscious mind take over and impose previous learned concepts of the world onto the world that actually surrounds us. We don’t see anymore, but make mental abstractions of what our eyes have registered.

“Photographically Seeing—Seeing Better, Seeing Deeper” will teach you to see what is rather than what you believe is there. It is not only about seeing and photography; it’s just as much about you. Through the information the book offers and practical lessons, it will guide you toward cultivating seeing with a camera but also in all other areas of your life.

106 pages packed with useful information